J. William Ross’s ducks are being located throughout the back lawns, front porches, and above ground pools of his immediate area within Lakewood, Ohio. It wasn’t a matter of not tending to their health or well being, rather the simple fact that they tend to wander wherever their little ducky instincts tell them to whenever left to their own devices. It only makes sense. If he were to pinpoint where his head had been while they were marrying ideals of nature and structure, he would be forced to avow that—despite his best efforts to corral their spirit to stay with him at all times—they have a mind of their own. 

    This realization has led him to the conclusion that he must—absolutely must—redouble his efforts to corral them at will when necessary and, by doing so, potentially coordinate a sort of Voltronesque super duck that may stave off any mega-antagonist. But this is clearly a manifestation of their future potential. 

    For now, he has a devoted slot of time set aside specifically for blowing a special whistle from the second floor, loud enough for them all to hear and return from their adventure to the promise of healthy duck snacks and heaping servings of love. 

Soon enough, he will have them in a row. 

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